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9AM - 2PM




Key Note Speech

12:45 PM

Welcome Speech

09:15 AM

Presentation: Results of the EFA Status of European Fashion Survey

09:35 AM


02:00 PM


12:55 PM

PANEL: Centering Creativity: The Board Members on their Vision for the Future of the European Fashion Alliance

This panel discussion will highlight EFA's agenda for the future and recommendations to the European Union, emphasizing the pivotal role of creativity and Europe's unique selling points in shaping global fashion trends. From addressing urgent demands to proposing innovative programs, these influential voices will offer strategic insights into advancing the European fashion industry while fostering diversity and amplifying cultural heritage.

12:00 AM

PANEL: Tech-infused Sustainability: Driving Industry Evolution Through Digital Innovation and Empowerment through knowledge

This panel will delve into the forefront of industry transformation with our panel discussion on supply chain transparency, Digital Product Passports (DPP),digital fashion, digitization, new skills, and innovative business models. The critical importance of supply chain transparency for ethical sourcing and sustainability, alongside the revolutionary potential of DPP in reshaping consumer trust and product authenticity will be explored. Discover the intersection of fashion and digitalization, exploring the disruptive impact on design, production, and retail. Uncover the imperative for acquiring new skills in a digitized economy, and how innovative business models are leveraging these changes for competitive advantage and sustainability. Join us for insights,strategies, and inspiration at the nexus of digital innovation and business evolution.

11.25 AM


11:00 AM

PANEL: Creating an Impact through Skills and Education: Nurturing Creativity, Empowering Entrepreneurs and Shaping Sustainable Futures

This panel discussion will be exploring the future of skill building and education systems and their role in fostering sustainability and empowering young talents and entrepreneurs. The panelists will delve into strategies for enforcing and safeguarding creativity, while also addressing the importance of equipping individuals with new skills and knowledge essential for success in the evolving landscape. Gain insights into the intersection of education, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, as well as practical approaches for educating and nurturing innovative teams poised for success in a rapidly changing world.

10:25 AM

Arrival & Registration

08:45 AM

Political Introduction

09:25 AM

PANEL: Navigating the Path to Sustainable Growth: EU Policy, Legislation, and International Impact

This panel will be examining the intersection of EU sustainability policy and legislation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including insights into the Green Deal, Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), Digital Passports, upcoming legislation, and the international impact of EU decisions.Expert panelists will dissect key initiatives, regulatory frameworks, and compliance strategies, providing actionable guidance for SMEs navigating this complex landscape. Gain invaluable insights into leveraging EU sustainability policies for innovation, competitiveness, and growth, while understanding the global implications of EU decisions on sustainability.

09:50 AM
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