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PANEL: Tech-infused Sustainability: Driving Industry Evolution Through Digital Innovation and Empowerment through knowledge

5. März 2024

This panel will delve into the forefront of industry transformation with our panel discussion on supply chain transparency, Digital Product Passports (DPP),digital fashion, digitization, new skills, and innovative business models. The critical importance of supply chain transparency for ethical sourcing and sustainability, alongside the revolutionary potential of DPP in reshaping consumer trust and product authenticity will be explored. Discover the intersection of fashion and digitalization, exploring the disruptive impact on design, production, and retail. Uncover the imperative for acquiring new skills in a digitized economy, and how innovative business models are leveraging these changes for competitive advantage and sustainability. Join us for insights,strategies, and inspiration at the nexus of digital innovation and business evolution.

Christine Goulay
Founder Sustainabelle Advisory Services


Semora Mangnoesing
Commercial Director EON

Alexandre Capelli
Environmental Deputy Director LVMH

Federico Brugnoli
Founder and sole Director Spin360

Dr. Andrée-Anne Lemieux
Sustainability Chair Director IFM-KERING, Full Professor Institut Français de la Mode

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