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5. Juli 2021

EU VOICES with Claudia Hofmann (Fashion Council Germany), Zuzana Bobikova (Slovak Fashion Council) and Joana Jorge (Modalisboa).

Fashion needs to be accepted as a strong player with direct impact on our lives and current European strategies. Listen to the voices to European voices and experts and this will garanty a beautiful, sustaina-ble future.[Slovak Fashion Council]

More attention to young designers and smaller brands, who can learn us how to create change. We have seen a new stream of designers working closer to the clients and involving communities in an ethi-cal and inclusive way.

Develop a new type of factory, that can develop conceptual products, give a second life to materials, reducing stocks and waste.
This factory of the future requires a new work for us, and different skills, it will have a smaller scale, and work with innovative products.
This is designed for a new system and a new consumer. We can create a new industry to be proud of, truly responsible and sustainable.

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