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5. Juli 2021

EU VOICES with Pepa Bueno (Asociacion Creadores de Moda Espana), Chris Stricker (Fashion Council Germany) and Silvia Kabaivanov (Bulgarian Fashion Association).

What kind of industry do we want for European fashion? Can we talk about sustainability without leav-ing crafts?
[Asociacion Creadores de Moda de Espana]

This is a time to reflect, to act and to use the potential for change. The pandemic had -and still has- a major impact on our lives and on the global economic and health situation. It has challenged the growth plan of many small and large companies in Europe. But it did not overrule two elements : creativity and drive. The drive to fight, to improve and to be sustainable.
[Fashion Council Germany ]

Brands should not produce what we do not need. The future of fashion is in made to order, print and demand and custom-made fashion. Production in Europe is the future: quick production and delivery, less resources for transportation, smaller quantities production, certified factories with modern equip-ment, a long tradition in fashion production and transparency. MADE IN EUROPE – that is my choice.
[Bulgarian Fashion Association ]

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