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5. Juli 2021

EU VOICES with Nuria Mora (Moda-Fad Barcelona), Manuela Kampp-Wirtz (Fashion Council Germany) and Natasa Mihaljcisin (Croatian Designers Association).

Today we have 3 problems to solve:
1. Access for small brands to international funding
2. Difficulty to access materials and manufactory processes due to the small sizes of the productions which do not reach the minimum requirements of suppliers > cooperative system for textile materials and resources
3. Difficulty to access sustainable resources for growth and development > a platform to list all resources
[Moda-Fad Barcelona]

Collaboration is key for the fashion industry in this age of sharing. Fashion Council Germany strongly be-lieves in partnerships and collaborations beyond borders : connecting interdisciplinary businesses, ena-bling networking between brands, businesses and designers seeking for new innovations and learning the value of sharing resources and ideas. Intermingling and collaborative learning can definitely lead to creative explosions and exciting synergies. Scientists, architects, designers, photographers, sculptors and all European creative minds, you are warmly invited to join us in this New European Bauhaus reflection to make the fashion industry more sustainable and inclusive.”
[Fashion Council Germany ]

The tension of competition and transition processes in our country have resulted in the collapse of the textile and fashion industry. Designers’ activities are localized and conditioned by complicated market

regulations. There is a vital need for organized functioning that enables continuous technological train-ing with the revitalization and reevaluation of traditional crafts and skills.
[Croatian Designers Association ]
What kind of industry do we want for European fashion? Can we talk about sustainability without leav-ing crafts?
[Asociacion Creadores de Moda de Espana]

This is a time to reflect, to act and to use the potential for change. The pandemic had -and still has- a major impact on our lives and on the global economic and health situation. It has challenged the growth plan of many small and large companies in Europe. But it did not overrule two elements : creativity and drive. The drive to fight, to improve and to be sustainable.
[Fashion Council Germany ]

Brands should not produce what we do not need. The future of fashion is in made to order, print and demand and custom-made fashion. Production in Europe is the future: quick production and delivery, less resources for transportation, smaller quantities production, certified factories with modern equip-ment, a long tradition in fashion production and transparency. MADE IN EUROPE – that is my choice.
[Bulgarian Fashion Association ]

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