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5. Juli 2021

EU VOICES with Olaf Schmidt (Fashion Council Germany), Yamila Idrissi (Mad Brussels) and Zsofia Bata-Jakab (Hungarian Fashion & Design).

The next generation is seriously concerned with social and environmental issues. They are born in the middle of the climate change. They are woke, they are well-informed and critical, they don’t care about

gender and race, they are digital, they value influence, they care about transparency and authenticity. And they say “NO” to greenwashing.
We should listen carefully to them. Generation Z is defining our future. By empowering them, they can create the change the fashion industry needs and unlock innovative, new and sustainable approaches.
[Fashion Council Germany]

The entire industry is built around the boundless consumption of clothes – fashion as a commodity. Why did we start producing and buying so many clothes in the first place? The fast fashion industry, but not as only one, played an important role in this process: cheap, fast, many and more.
Fashion needs to question its values to be recognized again as the cultural, social and economic system it truly is. The consumer is an important stakeholder in the shift of the fashion industry.
Today this consumer not enough informed and aware of the necessity to change habits.
By collaborating and with the help of Europe, we could support existing projects as Fashion Revolu-tion more or even launch a European-wide awareness campaign, to explain consumers what the real value of fashion is and how the consumer can help to make the industry future-proof.
[MAD Brussels]

How can we build bridges between the Central-European organizations and Western associations?
[Hungarian Fashion & Design]

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