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Challenges, similarities, and differences of the Iberian Peninsula

2. Feb. 2023

The European Fashion Alliance (EFA) teamed up with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria last October to organise the first Gran Canaria Summit.

The summit saw various leading fashion councils come together to define the necessary first actions required to build a mutual vision and mission towards creating a better and more sustainable future for the fashion industry. During the summit, the EFA recorded a series of panel discussions and interviews stressing diverse key points driving sustainable fashion, the actions needed to bring about positive change, and emerging talents shaping the future of fashion.

In this video, Pepa Bueno from Asociación creadores de moda de España, Araceli Diaz from Moda Calida, Joana Jorge from Modalisboa, and Sylvia Calvo from Moda-FAD discuss the importance of the Iberian peninsula in the European Fashion market - its similarities, differences and challenges in the Spanish and Portuguese fashion market. The discussion focuses on how the Iberian fashion market showcases and discovers authentic, modern and emerging designers, while expanding trade marketing in that area.

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