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Taskforce Fashion

Founding Member

Taskforce Fashion is a research-based and multidisciplinary coalition between three Dutch fashion platforms: FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion.
Since 2019, Taskforce Fashion investigates the transformative role fashion can play in relation to social challenges. We do this through different experiments, in co-creation with Dutch fashion talent and in dialogue with industries and sectors other than fashion. Our aim is to transform Taskforce Fashion from a series of experiments into a permanent, nomadic playground, in which these critical fashion practitioners can join forces and make a difference together.

Established 2019

+31 613584543

Batterijstraat 48 - 6211 SJ Maastricht - The Netherlands

“We believe that fashion can play a transformative role in building a better future for us all. With our nomadic playground Taskforce Fashion, we team up with bright minds, and create much needed space for future-focused research, experimentation and exploration. Taskforce Fashion is a result of the collaboration between three Dutch platforms that have combined their expertise and strengths to contribute to a responsible, innovative (fashion) world. By partaking in EFA, our goal is to scale up internationally and collaborate with organizations in line with our mission and vision. In EFA we see potential to form new, broader coalitions and to set up impactful projects together.”

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