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Slovak Fashion Council

Slovak Fashion Council, founded in 2011, is a professional non-profit organisation which supports and develops Slovak fashion ecosystem.
The SFC’s vision is the advancement of the fashion ecosystem in Slovakia and we aim to make fashion segment a vital part of the respective creative industry and culture. We strive to build faith in Slovak fashion on a domestic level whilst simultaneously reinforcing strong Slovak fashion design awareness and interest abroad. We serve as a professional business contact point for the fashion and textile industry both in Slovakia and for international organisations too.

Bratislava / Slovakia
Established 2011
Founding Member

+42 1918904676

Na Riviere 2 - Bratislava 849 02, Slovakia

"Joining EFA, Slovak Fashion Council (SFC) is expressing its strong belief and vision for empowering the European fashion ecosystem by a united voice of strong european fashion professionals.
SFC continues to do so in its international path of collabs and networking as well after it succeeded with a strategy for the European capital of culture - city of Trenčin for 2026 and thus follows the values of New European Bauhaus again."
Zuzana Bobiková, CFO

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