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ModaLisboa is a multidisciplinary project focused on the promotion and development of Portuguese fashion design. Founded in 1991, in partnership with Lisbon Municipality, it is a platform that brings together fashion shows, conferences, workshops, mentoring and exhibitions. It has a clear mission of raising awareness in the community for sustainability, inclusion and transparency, and it promotes the growth of fashion in Portugal through partnerships with the industry and continued work in conjunction with sectorial associations. Lisboa Fashion Week is ModaLisboa Association's main project and, more than a Fashion Week, it works as an aggregator and engine for discovering young talent, which it educates, encourages and communicates.

Lisbon / Portugal
Established 1991
Founding Member

+351 21 321 30 00

Rua do Arsenal 25 - 1100-038 Lisboa - Portugal

“European Fashion needs a united voice. The only way to build an innovative, inclusive and sustainable industry to respond to the transversal challenges of both independent business and forward-thinking creatives, is to build a joint force that has an undeniable impact in shaping future societies. We are committed to shedding light to the power of this blooming ecosystem, knowing that change starts from within.”

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