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Icelandic Fashion Council

The Icelandic Fashion Council (IFC) is the association of professional fashion designers in Iceland and was founded in 2001. The Council aims to accommodate community building among those who work in fashion and apparel design in Iceland as well as to advance and safeguard the rights of its members.

IFC focuses on contributing to progress in the industry as well as working towards facilitating innovation and ingenuity in Icelandic fashion design. The council aims to promote Icelandic fashion design locally and internationally.

Established 2001
Founding Member

Bjargargata 1 - 102 Reykjavik - Iceland

"We at the Icelandic Fashion Design Council celebrate this great milestone which the establishment of the European Fashion Alliance is. It is important for our flourishing community of fashion designers in Iceland to have a platform like this to connect with our sister organizations in Europe. Through collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing we can accelerate and facilitate the development of the fashion design sector for a positive future." Erla Björk Baldursdóttir, Chairperson Icelandic Fashion Council

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