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Czech Fashion Council

The Czech Fashion Council is an institution operating as a platform to support the development and promotion of fashion in the Czech Republic. It represents, supports, and promotes the Czech fashion industry, initiates and opens dialogues on current topics in fashion, and maps the entire field, including fashion professionals, companies, all interested institutions, specialized events, and media.

The purpose of the association is to support Czech fashion both in the Czech Republic and abroad, to connect and activate communication among various spheres of the Czech fashion scene, to intensify the functioning of the Czech fashion industry, to raise awareness of the importance of fashion in the culture of society, to support education in the fashion industry, and to professionally present Czech fashion.

Prague / Czech Republic

+420 123 456 789

Na Skalce 21, Praha 5, 150 00

"Czech Fashion Council is the bridge between a brand and a customer, between ideas and their realisation.

CFC is an open window peeking into the Czech fashion industry and connecting it to our local environment and the rest of the world."

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